Sunday, October 14, 2007

Battle Hamster (and wombats and pikachu)

Yo!! WASSUP HOMMIES! MY debut post on the rice field!

So after looking at Sig's post on the battle hamster, I just had to post this little tutorial that Sig sent me some time ago.

This tutorial will give u a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create your very own BATTLE HAMSTER!

I hope you enjoyed the little tutorial.

After reading the tutorial, how can one resist the temptation on having your own battle hamster! So after carefully following the tutorial, I made my own battle Wombat.

1. Make sure you have the right equipment. Here's what i used:

2. Carefully place the knife on top of your battle animal. Ensure that your little fury friend doesn't move too much, as this can be dangerous without having the knife equipped onto the animal.

3. Use tape to tape on the knife onto the battle animal. Again make sure that your little fury friend is still. Try to use tape that is friendly towards the animal's fur, as some no brand tapes may cause skin irritation to your battle animal.

4. The battle Wombat is now ready for combat! I tested it against Pikachu. WOMBAT-MON i choose you!!!

(Disclaimer: No animals were harmed). And if you're curious who won the battle, my battle wombat won =p



Sigid said...

oooo lets battle

my hamster vs ur wombat gogogoo!

Klv_ said...

Bring is on. My wombat is tank!

jonO_ said...

wow nice post. looks like u put a lot of effort into that. ahaha its really funny, esp the wombat-mon

Klv_ said...


Expect all my posts to be like this. unless im having MPMS!!!! LOLOLOL XD

<- Matt -> said...

LOL....nice tutorial!

matt said...

sif matt chung uses "<-matt->"

blatant fanboy

Nigeroo said...

Ok, you didn't actually take those pictures and write all that did you?

You sad little man :D