Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just too keeN

Had the norm english tutoring today... then walked along koonung trail home

so im sittin here trying to find some funny pictures, when i suddenly realize that my usb stick disappeared off my keychain. wtf it was chained in?! i mustve lost it friday night because i used it at school for the monash application kit that arvo ._.

but yeh ive found the coolest pic to make a mock motivational poster =D
hopefully Dailow Ben doesnt see it or else he'd kill me
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and no sigid... i actually treat my pets very well, look at his smile! =D he luvs me
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/RANT gotta wake up for tsfx tmr morning._.


Sigid said...

OMFG i can comment nowFFS, that template was driving me up walls like bleh. dooooooood i love your dog man he is awesome, like dog like master.

Klv_ said...

your dog, hes eyes is like -.^ LOL

Cool!!! i gotta get my dog to do that.

blackboy said...

nice pic matt buh u r gged

Vikram's Curry & Rice Shop! said...

Man that pic of Lee LOW is funny!

You just know that Matt loves him deep inside :D

And that he hits his dog :D