Friday, October 12, 2007

Matt Chan is a little lostiee

So you think mattee is all tough and brute eh? Many of us would have thought he'd play cs till the day he dies, but did you know he is a lostie.

.`, sιg _ says:
.`, matt says:
.`, matt says:
i havent taken out my contacts yet LOL
.`, matt says:

im friggin bored mat, talk to me you noob.

OH OH OH MATT, ill tell you a shortcut when washing contacts, u lick it and then u put it in the container. I heard yea, if you put it under coke for a day it becomes a spankin new sets of contacts! =O, you should try it one day*.

*sig is no way affliated with this recommendation and is not liable for any health impairments that may arise from the use of such method. use at your own risk.


MatteE said...


hoho u wait for what i have installed for my next post... gonna be the infamous sigid "ROAR" picture and a snippet of our rap battling LOL

anti-racism said...

how com u guys didn get meh to do join da blog? this racism against indians, malaysians, indonesians, japanese, korean, hong kongs, flips. i urge you to b more equal like employ Vikram to eat fried rice

Anonymous said...

ok please welcome my visit, the legendary leslie, thx thx for the support everyone

-.- said...

everyone study hard~ me to fail vce soon

jonO_ said...

haha, aw. i always play with my contacts and they come out. it hurts after that. my eye went red today. i hope hte little bunnies in my head dont stop running or ill die. oh btw, are u a chinaman?

Klv_ said...

Another way to clean contacts is to LUBE it. Not only does the lube make it easy for putting on and taking off your contacts, but it also helps dirt cleaning on contacts