Friday, October 19, 2007

Muck Up Day

Best day of the year, raiding classrooms was hilarious... especially when we started threatening Sigid's favourite teacher Mr. CV
Although I didn't take any pictures coz i forgot to bring camera, so send me all your piccies!

Came to school early and saw min2 and lee, lol emo and jedi. Couldn't find Pat and Will to rehearse for the song, ended up just performing after a periods worth of practice~ although we still had fun =D

Anyways we watched "Resident Evil 3 - Extinction" after.

same girl kills lots of zombies

Kelv - 0.5/5
Andy - 1.5/5
Ray - 1/5
Matt - 1.5/5

conclusion: stay away from this movie, i wouldnt watch it again even if you paid me to

Random Pic of the day:
*Pat singing*
lolcat - Flote liek flutterby� Sting liek Bee!


Klv_ said...

I would seriously do another English practice exam, than watch that stupid movie. It like forces you to sleep! Hard not to fall aslp unless u've had lots of red bull, or really love ur zombies.

0.5/5 - Worse movie of teh year.

Anonymous said...

and we all know how much u hate your eng practice exams

Matt said...

id prefer english exam over methods or chem anyday ._.

Pat said...

WOOOOOOT muck up day was awesome xD