Saturday, October 27, 2007

NSX Talk

To the asian car fanatics,


It happened today that i was reading a few articles regarding the change in the SEVS import to Australia, it seems they have changed the "15 year old" rule =\ so looks like importing cars is gonna be tougher (bleh who cares rights?, local car ftw).

Anyway, i was reading a few profiles about different cars, and did you know the Acura (Honda) NSX was actually imported to Australia under the dealership scheme, so its like the Mitsu Evolution VIII how it is possible to import it under Mitsu Australia (not personal import) - thus the evo 8s arent grey import but rather "rare" or 'exclusive' vehicles (woot that means simons' dad's car can really be worth something - too bad it wasnt an MR edition). Where as all the skylines' and the silvias on the road are 'grey import'. Anyway, back on track, that means it is near impossible to import an NSX (exclusing personal import - though that is completely a different story) at this current time, the NSX we see on the Australian road are very likely to be imported during those time under the scheme (1991).

To showcase the uniqueness and the exclusive value of the car, a second hand (1991) model NSX in Australia can set you up for around 80k (mid-poor condition) and as a reminder it is a 16 year old sports car and will likely to induce in a very expensive maintenance. So its preety rare to see them on the road, the driver must either have alot of dispensable finance or a car enthusiast.

Personally the stock NSX looks like crap, I think to Honda it was a failure - the nsx went out of production soon after it was released and that is why we see the 1991 model around, perhaps it was due to the fact that it was very expensive and for its stock perfomance did not satisfy the hunger for 'performance over money'. Albeit the fact that i hate the stock look, i must admit the 'done up' cars are very appealing indeed, the attached photo is one that was shown in the motor show (apparently the car is in sydney?) very niceee, verryyy niceee.

NSXs are 'nice' (or should i say RICE) car, though its something for the enthusiast and not your daily uni run. Maybe next time you see one on the road, you can appreciate the asianess appeal of Honda's memorable acura series.

thats my 0.02


(lol kelv remember the blue nsx, with the 'ethnic' person driving it?)


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