Sunday, October 14, 2007

sunday 14oct

VATE english language revision lecture day. wow, quite fascinating. woke up late and missed the first tram. that was pretty gay. lost my admission documents and was looking for 15 mins. took the 9.20. theres this really interesting and informative pamphlet about how to use your mobility aid on public transport. that seemed to be the recurring theme of the day. OMG. after reading that i learnt alot.

did you know ur mobility aid has to be able to turn 180 degrees iwithin an area of 2070mm by 1540mm?

for some reason we kept seeing disabled ppl signs everywhere. it was really strange, like they were following me. You know what would be ironic? becoming disabled because u got run over by a wheelchair. but i guess you can put the wheelchair to good use!

went to the eng lang lecture in melb uni, was ok, 3 lectures 1.15 hours each.. ate kfc for lunch and felt like a pig. oh damn im traumatised ever since that time leo told me they grow chickens in test tubes for kfc. thats disgusting.. im never going to eat boneless chicken. do they really grow the chicken without the bones? bullshit... hes bullshitting me. anyway for englang.. quite weird lecture. since i lost the admission doc.. i had to register at the office or something. im so bad at reading maps! miranda and i were walking round in circles during the break trying to find some retard building that kept running away. when we finally got there the sign said

"if you have ur email or doc dont worry registering".

i was so hungry and we just wasted the break looking for that. after that i was starving in the second lecture, waiting for lunch.. i hate being hungry its annoying!! the lecturers were funny and i didnt learn too much, just revision. then went to academic and general to buy chem and methods smartstudy. hopes it is good. going to finish off checkpoints for phy che and mam as fast as i can then do exam papers.

lol sigid, how long did it take for u to do ITA checkpoints last year. i did it on the holidays, 8 hours for every question in the book. ITA is so retardedly easy one of the questions was like, give an example of a password.. . . . come on. T-T lol. Good luck kelvin and matt, i reckon if we ace the exam we can get really good for it. hope it doesnt scale down too much.

Saw this fat guy getting off the tram. his headphones got caught on the handle of something and he like strangled himself. quite funny, reminds me of the time i was riding bike and the headphones fell off wound up and snapped on the bike axle. that was gay. those were the 50 bucks ones too

i wana buy a lighter and a w950i i want 950 real bad. so cheap and so good! cant wait til end of vce, its going to be really fun, with more time to do fun stuff. i wana learn a martial art, then i can be a real ninja. hey kelvin remember that party where we became ninjas

oh by the way Matt, theyre not my friends, I have to do it as part of a program! theyre homos. . .. so pedophile pete told me you have some social problems or some shit? you, the fat one, tell me first.

i saw this cat when i was walking home yesterday, why are there so man cats in balwyn? and they always sit on the footpath in your way. when i patted him he had this weird sand on him. i wonder if it has aids.

How is everyone else today? hope u guys had a more interesting weekend. damn. tutor all the time, really draining. im so tired. ill upload all the funny pics later if i can be screwed


Matt said...


Klv_ said...

No idea how this has any relation to spongebob. Further mislabelling of posts shall result in a ban! Such lame posts about your day shall also result in a ban.

Nah just kidding XD

Sigid said...

yea lol@ ur w550i its like a flipfone, but its not suppose to flip up LOL!

w950i is preety cool, im getting the m600i this week as my secondary phone *ill post up a review when i get it.

i like the idea of a qwerty variant button on the phone so m600i is one for me as i type a hella lot of sms. i reckon its preety good for a mp3/mobile!

matt said...

i'm getting rid of all your moderation powers... you all suck


jonO_ said...

IN YO FACE BILLY IN YO FACE! pick up those sticks BILLY

Klv_ said...

" matt said...

i'm getting rid of all your moderation powers... you all suck"