Tuesday, October 16, 2007


For any of you that don't know, due to our late notification of everyone's greatly anticipated performance 'Blues - All Rise' by Pat Sig Will Chris and I... it was cancalled due to all the time slots being full @ Friday muckup day assembly.

Another annoyance is the fact that "No Masks" applies to everything... that means all our costumes are gonna look crap because of Mrs. Harris the B*#@#@
Ruling out the mask rule... pretty much means 95% of costumes arent allowed.

I dont care, im still going to wear my costume and mask unless they catch me and force me to take it off, else they can give me $88.

Tomorrow is pretty much going to be the official last school day of BHS 2007, so even if you have methods or chem or whatever, HAVE SOME FUN.



Sigid said...

sigh dude thats majorly fucked up, not only is our muck up day shorten to a mere single day of our schooling years, but they impose such unruly regulations. WTF Le. What they gonna do? chase us around the school? i think not.

bah fun-mongers, so no performance, no fun, no costume? we still picking it up tomorrow yea? ffs.

anyway im out cold,


Mrs Harris said...


Klv_ said...

ms harris can play catch the farm animals!

min2 said...

well you got your performance back =P

min2 said...

oh btw... for that new poll of yours about whether this is the coolest blog or not, well i had to choose the least best response >_>


matt said...


hehehe yup got our performance slot back XD

bad thing is we got 1 less day to practice =O

min2 said...

eh.. it was still awesomely cool =P
GO PAT! lol he roxz0rs >_<