Monday, November 5, 2007

Free Slurpee This Wednesday Quick!

To all asians (and those who loves their slurpees),

This wednesday, the day after cup day and when i have my $#%# further exam, is when 7-11 is having their free slurpee day! yes its FREE, GRATIS! MIAN FEI! NO MONEY! *no straw included (jking joking).

Anyway the details are:
.`, sιg _ says:
.`, sιg _ says:
.`, sιg _ says:
free slurpee on wednesday!

one can check the details on that website and one must say the secret phrase inorder to gain the free slurpee.

its preety "cool" find huh? just dont get sick ok? (it really majorly sucks ####s)

im gonna crash,



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